Paula Malcomson Paula Malcomson

Cheers to Sons of Anarchy for keeping the spirit of Deadwood alive.

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FX's motorcycle-club drama and HBO's late, great Western have more than a badass ambiance in common: No fewer than four Deadwood survivors have ridden again on SOA this season. Paula Malcomson (Old West hooker Trixie) is bringing her authentic Belfast brogue to the role of an Irish mother who tries to help Katey Sagal's Gemma rescue her abducted grandson, Abel. We only wish her ex-HBO costar Titus Welliver had an equally believable accent as an IRA-allied thug.

Scottish-born Dayton Callie (Deadwood's lovable Charlie Utter) is working both sides of the law as morally conflicted Charming, Calif. cop Wayne Unser, and his old saloon-loving pal Robin "Calamity Jane" Weigert has bellied up to a different kind of bar as SAMCRO's attorney. With the Anarchy gang racing to the U.K. in search of Abel, is it too much to hope for a profane guest shot from Ian McShane (aka Al Swearenegen)? Or how about a crossover with Deadwood sheriff Timothy Olyphant's FX drama Justified?

Are you revved up about all the Deadwood vets on SOA?

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