Psych Psych

Cheers to Psych for adding slap-shtick to its repertoire.

The USA Network hit is known for the witty repartee between fake psychic Shawn (James Roday) and his trusty partner Gus (Dulé Hill). But the comic highlights of the Season 5 premiere, in which the duo got mixed up in a Romeo & Juliet-style dispute between warring Chinese triad gangs, were the fall-down-funny fight scenes. Most of them involved Shawn getting his (wise)-ass kicked, and Roday — no doubt assisted by a stunt double — pulled them off with aplomb.

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Roday has been doing yeoman's work with little recognition since Psych's pilot. With Monk's Tony Shalhoub surrendering his annual position in the best comedy actor Emmy race after this year, perhaps his USA comrade will finally be nominated next year. That would truly get us Psych-ed.

Did Psych's season premiere knock you out?

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