Mondo Guerra, <i>Project Runway</I> Mondo Guerra, Project Runway

Cheers to Project Runway for its most emotional episode — and season — ever.

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The Lifetime hit started out with entertaining yet predictable catfights, as the designers ganged up on the less-trained Michael Costello. Yet as the season has progressed, a genuine affection has developed among all the remaining contenders, even the arrogant Gretchen. The warmth peaked with this week's challenge, in which the designers created prints based on personal experiences, and the lovably kooky Mondo Guerra chose plus signs as part of his pattern to symbolize his previously unrevealed HIV-positive status.There wasn't a dry eye on the runway when Mondo told the story he's kept secret — even from his family — for 10 years. His third victory in a row was well-deserved, but as he put it, the real win was the freedom he felt from going public, and how much his bravery can help others. The tears kept on flowing when eliminated contestant Valerie took the time to say something truly sweet to each of her competitors before her exit. This season's award-worthy

Runway is proving reality shows don't need to be nasty to be great TV.What do you think of Mondo — and this season's Runway?

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