Michael Costello, Project Ruway Michael Costello, Project Ruway

Cheers to Project Runway for taking the fashion equivalent of chicken bleep and turning it into chicken salad.

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The 11 remaining designers on Lifetime's creatively resurgent reality show were presented with real-life women (read: not models) in real-life bridesmaid's gowns (read: monstrosities) and asked to turn them into something chic. The results ranged from the high-stylish — Michael Costello, who once again shocked his dismissive competitors when his complex, black-lace, cut-up-to-here number was chosen as the winner — to the shocking: Poor, sweet Peach was sent packing after judge Michael Kors slammed her "Holly Hobby" church-supper dress, complete with "avocado dinner napkin... goiters."

Runway was once again the bridesmaid at the Emmys this year, losing out to its former Bravo sibling Top Chef for best reality competition show. But with inventive challenges like this one and a fascinating cast (oddballs Mondo and Casanova, vitriolic Ivy, arrogant Gretchen), Heidi Klum and Co. just might be "in" at the Emmys next year.

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