Eddie Cibrian Eddie Cibrian

Jeers to Eddie Cibrian for exposing his acting shortcomings on The Playboy Club.  

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The role of Nick Dalton — a politically ambitious Chicago attorney with gangland ties on NBC's overheated period drama — requires an actor with a Jon Hamm-esque heft. Cibrian, who's arguably better known for his tabloid-magnet romance with LeAnn Rimes than his work on previous Monday-at-10 pm dramas like CSI: Miami, Third Watch, and Chase, is more like a ham-and-cheese sandwich.

Cibrian is far from The Playboy Club's only problem: Revising history so that scantily clad, sexually harassed nightclub waitresses are now portrayed as some kind of proto-feminist trailblazers is a reach, to say the least (ABC's new Pan Am makes a far more convincing case for stewardesses as pioneers). And Hugh Hefner's croaking narration makes Club feel like a particularly deadly episode of Tales from the Crypt.

What did you think of Eddie Cibrian — and The Playboy Club?

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