Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen

Jeers to Piers Morgan for blowing his big interview with Charlie Sheen by sucking up.

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The British tabloid vet was alleged to be the antithesis of his softball-tossing predecessor, Larry King. Instead, Morgan spent his entire hourlong live CNN interview with Two and a Half Men's "tiger-blooded" star pussyfooting around the tough questions; he gingerly asked about reports "hinting of violence" and accepted the answer that "women are not to be hit — they're to be hugged and caressed," before Sheen himself recalled an incident in which he admittedly injured a woman who was coming at him with a "shrimp fork."

Meanwhile, Morgan all but ate Sheen up with a spoon, showering him with compliments: "You're quite sensitive underneath that brash exterior"; "You're kind of the Che Guevara of Hollywood"; "TV needs you"'; "You're one of life's great characters." Worst of all, Morgan declared Two and a Half Men — which even Sheen assailed for its juvenile poo-poo humor — "one of the best shows on TV." Who's delusional now?

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