William Baldwin, Minka Kelly William Baldwin, Minka Kelly

Cheers to Parenthood for making a couple of welcome additions to the family.

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The Season 2 opener introduced the reliably sleazy William Baldwin — who previously played Peter Krause's brother on the too-short-lived Dirty Sexy Money — as Krause's boss at a struggling shoe company. In a few short scenes, Baldwin etched an indelible portrait of a profoundly shallow exec, the kind of guy who carries his iPad around the office — but mostly uses it to check his hair. He'll make an intriguing love interest for Lauren Graham, who plays Krause's sister/coworker, although she's dating him in real life (confused yet?).

Meanwhile, that little minx Minka Kelly continued her reunion with her ex-Friday Night Lights boss, Parenthood exec producer Jason Katims, as a specialist brought in to work with Krause's son, Max (the remarkable Max Burkholder), who has Asperger's Syndrome. It looks like she may become a love interest for Dax Shepard's Crosby, whose baby mama, Jasmine (Joy Bryant), is off pursuing an dancing career at the expense of their relationship. So far Baldwin and Kelly's characters seem refreshingly free of the neuroses that make the Braverman grownups such an annoying bunch. Not for nothing did the premiere include ads for Lunesta and Abilify — these depressed, anxious characters (and their viewers) could use them!

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