Will Ferrell, Steve Carell Will Ferrell, Steve Carell

Jeers to The Office for mismanaging the Steve Carell-Will Ferrell transition.

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Anchorman costars are briefly overlapping on NBC's too-long-running sitcom as Carell's Michael Scott says his looooong goodbye and Ferrell temps as his would-be replacement, Deangelo Vickers. At first it seemed like the new boss was the same as the old boss — i.e., a clueless boob. Then Deangelo revealed a dark side, sneering of Jim and Pam's cute Cece, "That baby could the star of a show called

Babies I Don't Care About."Ferrell could be the star of a show called Bosses I Don't Care About. Deangelo didn't do anything particularly funny, and the reactions of his employees were painfully predictable (Dwight sulked about being passed over, and everyone else sucked up). Carell should've left the show after Michael's touching proposal to Holly — a rare recent highlight for The Office. "I'm still here," moaned Michael, who observed of Denngelo, "I'm not sure he's a good fit for the office." And I'm not sure Will Ferrell's a good fit for The Office.Did Deangelo speak the truth when he told Michael, "I'm half as good as you are"?

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