Dean Winters Dean Winters

Cheers to Dean Winters for adding Up All Night to his impressive resumé.

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The versatile actor, who's tackled everything from gritty cable dramas (Oz, Rescue Me) to witty network comedies (he's Liz Lemon's "beeper king" ex-boyfriend on 30 Rock), was well-cast as Will Arnett's ultracompetitive older brother on NBC's endearing freshman sitcom. Winters is also recognizable for his role as "Mayhem" in Allstate commercials, one of which aired during last night's Up All Night.

Visiting his newborn niece in California, Winters' Casey Brinkley confessed that he'd lost his job as a Wall Street hotshot. Hope this means he can extend his stay out West. To use one of Casey's favorite phrases, Winters is killing it on Up All Night.

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