Lizzy Caplan Lizzy Caplan

Jeers to New Girl for turning Lizzy Caplan into a party pooper.

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The Party Down alum is supposed to be unlikable — initially, at least — as Julia, a lawyer who becomes a love interest for Nick (Jake Johnson), despite her dislike for the famously adorkable Jess (Zooey Deschanel). But either the writers or Caplan (or possibly both) did too good of a job of making her harsh and brittle, because it didn't ring true at the episode's end when she finally befriended Jess and Nick agreed to call her his "girlfriend."

That means Caplan's sticking around for at least one more episode, but in a typically meta touch, her character pointed out she's just a device to keep the seemingly destined-for-couplehood Jess and Nick apart for a little longer. To put it in a parlance an attorney like Julia would understand, "Objection!"

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