Rocky Carroll Rocky Carroll

Cheers to Rocky Carroll for his rock-solid performance on this week's NCIS.

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As Director Leon Vance, the formidable actor sometimes does little more than glower at his underlings from his perch above their bullpen. But in the CBS hit's latest installment, "The Good Son," Vance got personally involved in the case of a sailor murdered during shore leave after his ne'er-do-well brother-in-law (Jocko Sims) became a suspect. We got to see Vance's rarely glimpsed family-man side, as well as his emotions, which he usually keeps in check, even when he's butting heads with Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Carroll has enjoyed a nearly uninterrupted 20-year run in primetime, from the sitcom Roc to the dramas Chicago Hope and The Agency until ultimately joining NCIS in 2008. With his knockout work in this week's episode, Rocky proved he's still a champ.

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