Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton

Cheers to The Middle for proving it belongs at the top of the sitcom pack.

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The ABC comedy's Wednesday stablemate Modern Family won Emmys in every eligible category over the weekend, while Patricia Heaton's Indiana clan didn't earn a single nomination. What the Heck? Maybe because the show takes place in the middle of the country (hence the title) and centers on an old-fashioned nuclear family, it's not considered edgy enough for Emmy. But The Middle is every bit as funny, well-acted — and modern — as Family.

The third-season opener wittily reunited Heaton with her Everybody Loves Raymond hubby Ray Romano, who guested in a flashback as Mike's nudnik ex-high-school classmate who nearly ruined his honeymoon with Heaton's Frankie. In one of several clever in-jokes, Romano told Heaton, "You know, in an alternate universe, you and I could've been very happy together." And in another alternate universe, the Emmys could've gone mad for The Middle and Romano's Men of a Certain Age, and I would've been very happy.

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