Madeleine Stowe Madeleine Stowe

Cheers to Madeleine Stowe for freezing time.

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The scariest part of the actress' performance as the perfectly named Victoria Grayson — the high-society target of Emily VanCamp's titular plot on ABC's new hit Revenge — is how she looks exactly the same as she did two decades ago when she starred opposite Kevin Costner in a movie of the same name. (The same can't be said for Bryan Brown, who was almost unrecognizable in his recent grizzled guest turn on The Good Wife  — 25 years after making a film with the same title — but his charm remains undiminished.)

Stowe's career comeback comes complete with nomination for best actress in a TV drama at Sunday's Golden Globes. Revenge is her highest-profile role of the last decade, which she's spent on her ranch in Texas. Guess this proves living well truly is the best revenge.

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