Jennifer Lopez, David Letterman Jennifer Lopez, David Letterman

Cheers to Jennifer Lopez for a well-timed victory lap on Late Show With David Letterman.

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While news was breaking of The X Factor-pocalypse — and rival diva Madonna was having a typically awkward chinwag with The Tonight Show's Jay Leno — the American Idol judge was having a charming chat with Dave, who's celebrating his 30th anniversary in late night this week. "Do you think we've already reached the point in this country where we have enough stars?" Letterman asked teasingly. Demurred Lopez, "I don't think you can ever have enough stars." Not when they shine as brightly as J. Lo.

Letterman even managed to pry into Lopez's personal life without causing tension. ("How many times have you been married?" "A couple. I believe in love.") And when he read off the names of her plethora of perfumes and threw in a few gags — Radioactive Glow, Do Not Resuscitate and Separated But Still Friends — she wasn't the only one giggling.

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