Mireille Enos, Gharrett Paon and Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos, Gharrett Paon and Joel Kinnaman

Cheers to Joel Kinnaman for his captivating performance on The Killing.

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The Swedish actor helps give AMC's hypnotic adaptation of a Danish mystery series its chilly Scandinavian/Girl With the Dragon Tattoo vibe as Stephen Holder, the skeevy new partner of Seattle homicide cop Sarah Linden (the incandescent Mireille Enos). With a wiry frame and a live-wire intensity akin to Oscar nominee John Hawkes (Winter's Bone), Kinnaman routinely swipes scenes with his jittery charisma.

Holder keeps getting more and more suspicious; this week's episode revealed he's into some shady business involving large amounts of cash exchanged in paper bags. But he's just as likely to slip in a sneakily funny line, like his admission that he's been celibate for the past six months "for personal reasons." We still don't know if Holder's a good guy or a bad guy, but one thing is certain: Kinnaman's a great talent.

Has Joel Kinnaman captured your attention on The Killing?

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