William Mapother William Mapother

Cheers to Justified for adding another piece of work to its rogues' gallery.

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Faced with the prospect of filling Margo Martindale's Emmy-winning "sh--kicker" boots, FX's down-home crime drama has wisely decided to flood the zone with as many baddies as possible. We've recently been introduced to Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williamson — both alums of exec producer Graham Yost's late, great Boomtown — as meth-dealing Detroit psychopath Robert Quarles and backwoods mob boss Ellstin Limehouse, respectively. Meanwhile, Burn Notice scene-stealer Jere Burns and Lost castaway Jeremy Davies have returned as Dixie Mafioso Wynn Duffie and Martindale's sole surviving son, dim-bulb Dickie Bennett.

In this week's bloody good episode, another survivor of ABC's desert-island drama, William Mapother (aka Ethan Rom, the Others' surgeon), turned up in Harlan, Kentucky as a pimp/pusher who brutalized his teenage prostitutes. A Bluegrass State native, Mapother — a veteran of top-notch indie flicks like In the Bedroom and Another Earth — brought a scuzzball verisimilitude to the role that would've no doubt made Martindale's Mags Bennett toast him with a jar of her infamous apple-pie moonshine.

How good are the bad guys on Justified this season?

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