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Cheers to Jon Stewart for not going soft on Anthony Weiner — or himself.

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In a remarkable, breathtakingly funny 10-minute opening segment of The Daily Show, Stewart staged a press conference that spoofed his old pal's mea culpa right down to his intake of beverages (and accidentally slashed his hand blending a margarita — don't say this guy doesn't bleed for his art!). While pointing out that he had done "59 jokes, 9 penis puns and... personally said the word c--- 10 times" last week, he acknowledged that he should've ripped up Monday night's Sarah Palin- and John Edwards-centric script and riffed on Weiner's apology, even though it took place only 90 minutes before The Daily Show's 6 p.m. taping ("Stewart: Too Lazy to Write Jokes After 5," the Chyron cracked).

Then Stewart jokingly resigned, passing along his anchor duties to Brit wit John Oliver, who solemnly promised to "rip Anthony Weiner a new a—hole" and advised Stewart to "grow a pair, take a picture of that pair, and text a picture of it to yourself to remember what balls look like." No need: This is what ballsy comedy looks like.

Did Jon Stewart redeem himself with his Daily Show "apology"? 

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