Susie Essman and Jon Hamm Susie Essman and Jon Hamm

Cheers to Jon Hamm for showing his wry side once again. On the debut of TV Guide Network's Curb: The Discussion, the Golden Globe-winning actor best known as the dead-serious Don Draper (or is that Dick Whitman?) on Mad Men gamely analyzed the behavior of Larry David as part of a post-Curb Your Enthusiasm celebrity panel. He revealed he's "not a fan" of breast implants before joking he's got them, and "my nipples are just as sensitive as they were before the implants." This should come as no surprise—the sense of humor, not the sensitive nipples—to anyone who's seen Hamm cut loose on 30 Rock (where his too-good-to-be-true Dr. Drew recently lost his hands in a freak helicopter accident) or guest-hosting SNL (one word: Sergio!).  Like Alec Baldwin, Hamm's a goofball blessed with leading-man looks. Larry David would be wise to give him an arc on Curb next season: The guy's a natural-born ham.

Does Jon Hamm crack you up?

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