Odette Annable Odette Annable

Jeers to House for a case of casting malpractice.

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When it briefly transformed into One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

two years ago, Hugh Laurie had an equally powerful actor, Andre Braugher, to play off as his nuthouse shrink. Now Fox's medical drama is taking a not-so-wonderful journey to the land of Oz — the HBO prison drama, that is — and all he's got is bland Odette Annable as a jailhouse doc House will no doubt hire at Princeton-Plainsboro once he gets sprung.The actress seemed right at home playing opposite real-life husband Dave Annable on Brothers & Sisters, but she looks ill at ease in a hospital setting. With House's solid supporting cast taking a temporary (or in the case of Lisa Edelstein, permanent) vacation, Annable's weakness is a serious malady.What did you think of Odette Annable on House?

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