Conan Conan

Cheers to Conan O'Brien for making our season bright.

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After more than a year on TBS, Coco still brings the ho-ho-ho with brilliantly surreal bits like the first lighting of the Human Centipede Menorah, the triumphant return of Minty the Candy Cane Who Briefly Fell on the Ground and a live feed of "non-denominational" critters such as kittens and pot-bellied pigs reenacting traditional holiday scenes. Last night, Young Adult's Patton Oswalt — always one of Conan's best guests — joined in the merriment with irreverent observations about the "insane logic problems" inherent in "The Little Drummer Boy." He puts the Baby Jesus to sleep with a drum solo? "Neil Peart, where were you when my kid had croup?"

Conan's monologue packs belly laughs as well: "I'm feeling a little screwed-over because I just found out my Secret Santa is Kim Jong-Il. Three days of sunglasses, then nothing." Merry Christmas, Conan & Co., and thanks for bringing joy to the late-night world!

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