Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland

Jeers to Hot in Cleveland for stranding a quartet of Golden Girls with tin-plate material.

TV Land's new sitcom stars four actresses with more than a century of small-screen experience combined: Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White. Too bad the show's jokes are just as old. These seasoned vets put all the spin they can on the punchlines, but there's no redeeming broad-as-a-barndoor gags about the Midwest and old age — or, in some cases, both ("Was Ohio even a state when you were born?").

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When Cleveland tries to be edgy — like with this week's plotline about Leeves' self-described "self-hating cougar" worrying she might be dating the son she gave up for adoption — it just comes off as icky. Note to TV writers: When it comes to comedy, incest isn't best.

Do you agree Hot in Cleveland's stars are better than the show's lukewarm scripts?

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