Katie Holmes, Josh Radnor Katie Holmes, Josh Radnor

Jeers to How I Met Your Mother for pulling a Halloween trick on viewers: casting Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin.

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Tom Cruise's better half is certainly beautiful enough to make it believable that Ted (Josh Radnor) would track her down a decade after meeting her at a rooftop costume party. But her blandly polite line readings — Holmes' "acting" seems more like personal appearances these days — undermined the story line's single joke: that she and Ted had no chemistry.

Holmes' next big-screen role (which the HIMYM gig was clearly meant to promote), as Adam Sandler's wife in the godawful-looking Jack & Jill, likely won't prove any more enjoyable. It's sad: Back in Dawson's Creek days, she was a promising young actress. But while costar Michelle Williams may earn her third Oscar nomination as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic My Week with Marilyn, Holmes is still stuck in Cruise control.

Do you think Katie Holmes made a not-so-great Pumpkin?

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