Happily Divorced Happily Divorced

Jeers to Fran Drescher for her depressing new sitcom Happily Divorced.

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Cowritten by The Nanny vet and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson and inspired by their real-life split, the TV Land laugh-tracker wastes the great John Michael Higgins (Best in Show) as the spouse who suddenly announces he's gay, even though he's never been with a man. Cracks Fran, "Trust me — it's not that great." Neither is this show: Ironically, Higgins is stuck playing the straight man while Drescher give herself most of the "jokes."

The rest of the supporting cast, including familiar Nickelodeon faces Tichina Arnold (Everybody Hates Chris) and Valente Rodriguez (George Lopez) as well as EGOT winner Rita Moreno, was given even less to do in the pilot. And as Fran's new love interest, D.W. Moffett essentially reprises his role from an episode of Divorced's TV Land lead-in Hot in Cleveland. Happily Divorced — it's not a rerun, but it feels like one!

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