Craig Kilborn Craig Kilborn

Jeers to The Kilborn File for an underwhelming first guest.

We know Craig Kilborn's return to TV after a six-year absence is only a six-week run on six Fox affiliates, but couldn't he do better than...Jeff Foxworthy? C'mon, Fallon had De Niro, Leno had Seinfeld (then Jamie Foxx) and Conan had Kilby's Old School pal Will Ferrell. Craiggers landed the host of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?, a show that's been banished by Fox into first-run syndication (where Files hopes to flourish in the fall if it passes this test).

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The rest of The Kilborn File's premiere was hit-or-miss: Some bits scored (like the "Power Panel" with the always-funny Martin Mull and Seth MacFarlane, who took a well-placed shot at Seinfeld's Marriage Ref), while others fell flat (like token-female sidekick Christine Lakin). But two full segments of the half-hour show were devoted to Foxworthy, who contributed cornpone punchlines like, "I don't know why there are directions in Braille on the drive-thru." If you laughed at might be a redneck.

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