Larry David, Bob Einstein Larry David, Bob Einstein

Cheers to Larry David for stepping up to the plate for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Baseball has always provided great set-ups for David's humor, from Jerry bromancing Keith Hernandez in Seinfeld's classic episode "The Boyfriend" to Larry taking a hooker to Dodger Stadium in Curb's 2004 gem "The Car Pool Lane." (And let us not forget David's vocal cameos on Seinfeld as George Steinbrenner.) Sunday's Season 8 opener was no exception, as Curb ripped from the sports pages: The Dodgers' owner (Gary Cole) lost the team in a divorce — and Larry lost his tickets (and his house!) — due to a bum lawyer.

But that's just the beginning of Curb's Great American Pastime-themed gags this season. Just wait until you see the Red Sox 1986 World Series goat Bill Buckner's guest shot in an upcoming episode. This time, Mets fans won't be the only ones laughing.

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