Yvette Nicole Brown, Malcolm Jamal Warner Yvette Nicole Brown, Malcolm Jamal Warner

Cheers to Community for failing to purge all the weirdness from its system.

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Despite Troy and Abed's ill-fated attempt to "de-whimsify" themselves in honor of Shirley's (second) wedding to Andre, NBC's collegiate sitcom returned to the schedule after a cruel interruption with its freak flag flying hilariously high. How else to describe Andre's declaration of his decades-long devotion to Shirley: "I've loved you ever since there was a Soviet Union and only one Damon Wayans!" (Shout-out to Happy Endings

!)But no matter how bizarre Community gets — and this is a show in which Chevy Chase's Pierce had to remove parts of the prototype for his "trouser bench" from his butt — its heart remains in the right place. Britta might've questioned the timing of a wedding when "people are dying in Uganda!" (an inadvertently timely reference in light of the "Kony 2012" viral video), yet in the end, Shirley and Andre's endless love for each other won out. After all, who could've resisted his adorable Boyz II Men-themed proposal?What do you think of last night's Community? Was it cool, cool, cool or the Jim Belushi of episodes (per Annie, "it accomplishes nothing but everybody keeps using it and nobody understands why")?

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