Oliver Platt Oliver Platt

Cheers to Oliver Platt for continuing to defy typecasting on The Big C.

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The enormously versatile character actor reunites with Kinsey costar Laura Linney (and director Bill Condon) on Showtime's new cancer comedy as her immature estranged husband. And while you wouldn't necessarily picture the pudgy Platt and the still-smokin' Linney together, his impish charm helps him pull it off. (How can you resist a guy who'd bite into a stinky onion to prove his love for you?)

This isn't the first unlikely love interest Platt has played lately: He convincingly seduced Amanda Peet in this spring's indie sleeper Please Give. The Big C returns him to the pay- cable network where he earned Emmy nominations as hedonist lawyer Russell Tupper on Huff, and don't be surprised if he's up for the Big E again next year.

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