The Bachelor The Bachelor

Jeers to The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik for having the world's worst cray-craydar.

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The California winemaker is apparently so intoxicated by model Courtney Robertson's glamorous looks that he can't see the ugliness within. You'd think he could've picked up on the weird vibe in her parents' house during the hometown visit or would've been spooked by the ambush "faux wedding" she sprung on him. (If nothing else, he should've been creeped out by the way she twisted back and forth like a little girl who needs to pee when she was reciting her hastily written vows.)

But no, Ben chose to give Courtney the first of his final three roses — and sent poor small-town sweetheart Kacie Boguskie packing back to Tennessee. And we were left to ask the same question that she wailed in the losers' limo: "What the f--- just happened?"

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