Brad Womack Brad Womack

Jeers to the women of The Bachelor for pushing their luck in Las Vegas.

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What a jackpot of nutcases and basketcases Brad Womack brought to Sin City. There was Shawntel N. — not to be confused with Chantal O. — the funeral director who spent her first solo date discussing the gory details of embalming and leakage (just another day at the orifice!). And there was Ashley S. — not to be confused with her BFF, teddy-bear enthusiast/dentist Ashley H. — who tearfully described getting sent home as feeling like "somebody just punched me in the stomach. And the heart." ("It just makes you feel like something's wrong with me," she added, her syntax even more tortured than her soul.)

Then there were the 80 percent (by Brad's estimate) of the eight group-date women who wept during the evening, including Alli, who blubbered about "not feeling special" before blurting out the l word to Brad — and no, I don't mean lesbian. Finally, there was Denise Richards doppelganger Michelle, who sat on Brad's lap and wouldn't allow him to speak. "I don't need him to say much," she explained. He wasn't the only one left speechless.

Do you think what happened in Vegas should've stayed in Vegas?

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