Will Forte in 30 Rock Will Forte in 30 Rock

Jeers to 30 Rock for dragging out a one-joke gag over two seasons.

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When Jenna (Jane Krakowski) fell in love with her cross-dressing doppelganger, Paul (SNL vet Will Forte), last spring, we got it: She's such a narcissist she's turned on by her own mirror image. There was no need to bring Paul back for an encore. He wanted Jenna to meet his parents in Ohio; she wanted to make a sex tape and leak it on the Internet.

The disagreement proved to be a dealbreaker (in Liz Lemon's parlance) for Jenna. We hope this means we've seen the last of Paul. To quote Jenna, this plot was "a disaster — and not the good kind where I get to sing at a benefit."

Do you agree that doing drag isn't Will's forte?

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