Question: How could Charmed get rid of Leo? Is he really leaving the show in a few episodes?

Answer: (SPOILER) Yes, Nov. 27 is his final airdate for now. "All I'll say is don't blame me I fought tooth and nail to keep him," says exec producer Brad Kern. "That said, though, I still have hopes of bringing Leo back before the end of the season." Speaking of Charmed, a big thank-you to everyone who played my little "Fill in the Blank" game from last week. I received a ton of terrifically funny (read: mean) responses, but this one from Cary Babka was the clear winner. "Had Shannen Doherty still been on Charmed, I hear they would have recruited the refrigerator from Requiem for a Dream to play her ripped alter ego." LOL! I would have never thought of that and I'm a fairly funny guy!