Charlie's Angels Charlie's Angels

ABC's reboot of Charlie's Angels will obviously be forever linked to the hit '70s TV series and the two films that followed. But for those who have never heard the iconic line "Good morning, Charlie" — or are just skeptical about this latest remake — the cast and crew have more a modern comparison to describe the series. "If Jack Bauer and Carrie Bradshaw had a love child, it would be Charlie's Angels," co-creator and executive producer Al Gough told reporters at ABC's fall TV previews Sunday.

ABC picks up Charlie's Angels

Gough and co-creator and executive producer Miles Millar have reboot cred: The duo launched the Superman-in-high-school series Smallville in 2001. "There a lot of similarities to Smallville, in that you're rebooting a brand and trying to put a new spin on it," Gough said. "It has to retain the DNA of the original, but bring something new to the table."

Rachael Taylor, who plays Angel Abby Sampson, has purposely limited her knowledge of the original series. "I think it's important to respect the incredible legacy of Charlie's Angels," she said. "But I also think that for actors, it's important to do something fresh. It's important to do an incarnation of Charlie's Angels that is appropriate and befitting for this time."

To that end, the L.A.-identified franchise moves to Miami — to make it more international — and gives the three central women rap sheets. "What we sort of wanted to bring to the table was making it more grounded. Making these women feel real, giving them backstories," Gough said. "The show is really about Charlie giving these girls a second chance."

Robert Wagner out as Charlie's Angels' new Charlie

One snag: There technically is no Charlie yet. Robert Wagner had signed on to fill in for the late John Forsythe in the (voice) role of the Angels' unseen mentor, but has since left the series, due to "scheduling reasons." Producers say a replacement is imminent. "It's trying to find an actor and a voice who brings a certain level of mystery, paternal-ness and authority."

Charlie's Angels premieres on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c on ABC.