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Charlie Sheen's reps are racing to shut down a new Twitter account that claims to belong to the embattled Two and a Half Men actor. Someone using the Twitter handle "@ciestevez" and the name "Carlos Estevez" (Sheen's real name) recently joined the social media site.

The Twitter page also uses a photo of Sheen sitting next to Men co-star Angus T. Jones and contains just one post: "Last I counted I had four beautiful children, Kirstie." The post would seem to be in response to Kirstie Alley, whose Twitter account is one of ten that "Carlos Estevez" is following.

But there's one problem: This isn't really Sheen. Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, says he first learned of the faux account when he a received an email that his own Twitter feed was being followed by the faux actor. "That's like showing up at a bank robbery when the cops are still there," Rosenfeld says.

Rosenfeld says he checked with Sheen to make sure the account wasn't his. Sheen has sent text messages to several reporters in recent days, so the idea of him joining Twitter isn't far-fetched. But it wasn't him, Rosenfeld confirmed, and he contacted Twitter to have the page removed. "When you start impersonating someone, you've done something you shouldn't," Rosenfeld adds.

Faux Twitter feeds are common, but Twitter generally asks parody sites to label themselves as such. Twitter also hands out "verified account" labels once it confirms that a celebrity is actually behind an account.

As for Sheen and Two and a Half Men, Rosenfeld says the actor still believes he'll be set to return to work by the end of the month or early March. Insiders on the production side are also looking at those dates, but will assess Sheen's condition first.

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