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Charlie Sheen's car, which the actor reported stolen from his Sherman Oaks, Calif., home, was found overturned down a cliff, police told The Associated Press. There was no evidence anyone was in the car.

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen's car found over cliff

According to Officer Bruce Borihanh, the Mercedes-Benz was found upside down in a ravine about 300 to 400 feet down a cliff. "They've looked all around the hillside. There's nobody in the car, nobody around (and no) evidence of anybody being around at the moment of impact," Borihanh said.

Borihanh added that he did not believe Sheen was in the car because he would have been injured in the accident and would have had difficulty getting back up the cliff.

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"It's being treated as an auto theft investigation," he said.

Several other vehicles were broken into in the same area and police were investigating if the incidents were linked, the AP reported.

Sheen, 44, was arrested Christmas Day and charged with second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief after allegedly assaulting wife Brooke. He was due back in court Monday.