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Charlie Sheen says no one from CBS or Warner Bros. has tried to contact him since production on Two and a Half Men was shut down.

"I would urge [CBS President] Les [Moonves] or [Warner Bros. TV President] Bruce [Rosenblum]or Chuck Lorre to call in," he said on Piers Morgan Tonight Monday evening. (They did not.)

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Sheen also said he hadn't heard from any of his fellow cast members since production halted. "I don't feel like there is any real support there," he said. "I'm out here doing this for all of us guys. ... It would be nice if there was some measure of support from anybody at this point."

The actor said he also has yet to hear from father Martin Sheen, who last year compared his son's addiction problems to cancer. "Dude, relax, it's so dramatic. He's entitled to that. I don't support it," he said about his father's comments. "He's been out of the country, I think, that's why he hasn't called."

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But Sheen added he had received support from others in Hollywood including Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. "[Mel] was just great. Not calling with any advice. [He said] 'Just thought you might like to hear a friendly voice,'" Sheen said about Gibson. "He was a stone cold dude, I was impressed."

The interview followed Sheen's Monday sit-downs with Today, Good Morning America and TMZ, among others. Sheen said he was on a mission to "right some terrible wrongs because there have been some things that have happened. ... I think it's important that people hear the truth, and hear it from me."

Regarding his drug use, Sheen said his recent episodes stemmed from sleeping problems. "I can function without sleep...and handfuls of cheap trucker meth," he said. When asked about having taken cocaine, Sheen did not deny previous usage: "I didn't take it — I had to pay for it."

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Sheen also admitted to possible alcohol abuse, saying that he "maybe hit the vodka a little too hard" to numb the pain of a hernia. He was hospitalized for the hernia in January.

However, Sheen defended his unconventional lifestyle, saying that the show was created because of his bad-boy ways, and that he had proven he was able to work despite recent alcohol and drug use. "Can't you just be in a pink cloud your whole life and just be bitchin' and focused?"

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He also said that he has never exposed his children to drugs. "Those things just don't go together. That's just common sense and courtesy, right?"

The one claim Sheen did deny is hitting women. "I have not. Women are not to be hit, they are to be hugged and caressed," he said.

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Sheen said he would apologize to Moonves, as well as Lorre for his anti-Semitic remark against the Two and a Half Men creator last week. He also said he "feels guilty" about being the perceived person to blame for the production halt, and still hopes to get the show's crew compensated for the other four episodes they were originally scheduled to produce this season. Warner Bros. announced earlier Monday that they will pay the crew for four of the eight episodes that were to be produced before the production hiatus began at the end of January.

As for the future, Sheen said he has a "vision" of the cast and crew returning for seasons 9 and 10 with "a couple of adjustments. ... I still don't feel they have the right to interfere in my personal life."