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Charlie Sheen continued to blast CBS and Warner Bros. TV in what he said was his final Sheen's Korner webcast, calling his firing from Two and a Half Men "illegal and unconscionable."

"What has occurred, yes, in fact is a completely and entirely illegal and unconscionable act," Sheen said on Tuesday's broadcast. "Or, to quote my lawyer, 'really sh---y sh---y suck suck.'"

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The actor — who earlier Tuesday called former co-star Jon Cryer

a "turncoat" for not reaching out to him — then lashed out at his former bosses, or as he called it the "unwanted list": CBS CEO Les Moonves, Warner Bros. Television Group President Bruce Rosenblum and Men creator Chuck Lorre."Les Than Goonves," Sheen called Moonves. "Part scoundrel, part my hair to side. Screw Les, I proclaimed, or better yet — screw more. You gave me your word but in turn gave me nothing."Dubbing Rosenblum "Bruce Daisy and Wilt," Sheen taunted: "My crew now knows the truth, and yes, that is all of their fists pounding on your paper-thin door. ... It's over, tiny man. Grab your ankles and accept your fate. Wow, it must really suck being you now."

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Sheen's most hateful rhetoric was unsurprisingly reserved for Lorre, whom he called "Chuck E. Cheeseball" and "F--- Lorre.""Can you smell your smell? Can you smell your rotting dogsh--, your fermented puke that is your rotted viscera?" Sheen said. "Can you smell the lies, can you smell the carnage you've created? Can you smell the wimpy, scared child you'll never have the courage to embrace? ... It smells like malaria. If sad and stupid had a smell attached it would be you, F--- Lorre. It's perfect your name rhymes with suck, muck. You picked a fight with a warlock, you little worm."Sheen also addressed reports that he might be replaced on the sitcom, telling Lorre: "Good luck putting those tin-can sh--brain [words] in the mush-mouth of some arrogant carcass you've traded for this warlock."

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One person, however, was safe from inclusion on the "unwanted list": Warner Bros. TV President Peter Roth. "I spare you ... because your heart was always rooted in fairness and good tiding," Sheen said. "Trust not your evil overlords ... liars and fools, all of them. Sheen's Korner could use [you]. You have my digits. Show your courage. Use them."Sheen closed the 16-minute show by announcing the broadcast — his fourth since Saturday — will be his last."Sheen's Korner is now for sale as a sports bar," he said. "You know where to find me. I bid you adieu ... See you soon on the battlefield."Watch the replay below: Video streaming by Ustream