Question: The characters of Luke and Lorelai have been trashed this season on Gilmore Girls, the romance has been broken, and the final image that we the fans will be left with over the summer hiatus is ******* in *** with *****. One hell of a plan you had, Amy Sherman-Palladino!

Answer: I don't know what you want me to say. I agree, the show has been off its game this season. The whole April story line, which I was open to in theory, has been a disappointment. I also agree with all those who wrote in saying Lorelai is not the type of person who would sit idly by while Luke shut her out of his life. She would have spoken up long ago and demanded that April be a part of her life, too. If it makes you feel any better and it probably won't that scene is coming. In the season finale. Everything we've been wanting Lorelai to tell Luke these past four months finally comes out, and, from what I'm told, Lauren Graham knocks another one out of the park. Is it too little too late? That remains to be seen. But with all its faults, damn it, I still love this show. And although AS-P can frustrate me at times, it would be a disaster if she and Dan didn't come back next season to see our Girls through to their happy ending. There, I said my piece.