As the feud between Eminem and Moby has taught us, there's nothing more fun than watching celebs pick on each other! Surely 2003 will bring its own share of Hollywood hullabaloo, but first, TV Guide Online asked the stars to review 2002. Looking back on their fellow entertainers' projects and personalities, we asked which they loved the best — and deemed the worst! (Watch your back, Anna Nicole!)

Andy Richter (Andy Richter Controls the Universe)
Best: The Others with Nicole Kidman. It had a great twist ending that I didn't see coming. Oh, damn it, that's 2001. Well, you can just say my show is the best then.
Worst: How about those Subway commercials with that guy who's sort of the love child of Denis Leary and Dennis Miller? Why does he give a s--t what anybody else eats for fast food? He's so smug about it! You know, it doesn't encourage me to use their product to watch some guy being a d---.

Jerri Manthey (Survivor)
Best: The best thing was that Lord of the Rings came out on DVD! I love that movie. I wanted it to be longer! I have never in my life threatened to stand in line and pitch a tent to get tickets, but I'd do that to see the second one.
Best: There's a lot of bad TV. The worst thing in entertainment in 2002 was The Anna Nicole Smith Show. Blech! A train wreck! Sad. Very sad.

Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand winner)
Best: [Die Another Day] was one of the best James Bond movies I've ever seen.
Worst: Alias is getting boring now. The whole family triangle with [Sydney's] mother and father is getting old. She looks great. I wish they'd focus it more on her again!

Kevin Spacey (American Beauty)
Best: Best book is Bringing Down the House, a New York Times No. 10 bestseller.
Worst: I never get negative. I never s--t on people. I think it's a bad policy.

JC Chasez ('N Sync)
Best: The best is The Osbournes, obviously. It's a brilliant show. The most entertaining television by far. The best thing to happen to TV since I don't even know what. They're all chill. They're really good people and their hearts are sincere.
Worst: The worst thing in entertainment this year is Winona Ryder getting busted for shoplifting.

Heather Donahue (Taken)
Best: I really loved the Ben Folds live album. I get chills every time I listen to it.
Worst: Hmm... It's too bad the Blair Witch sequel didn't come out this year. That would have made this [question] so much easier. Actually, I went to the movies less this year than I have in any other year of my life. I mean, the crap just never stopped coming!"

Brian Krause (Charmed)
Best: The best TV show is Charmed, obviously.
Worst: The most ridiculous is shows like The Bachelor and Shipmates. I can't believe people degrade themselves in front of America to fawn over a person. I think it puts a bad message out to kids that it's okay to slut around. You can make out with her and her, and it's okay!

Joe Penny (Jake and the Fatman)
Best: Paul McCartney in concert.
Worst: The Anna Nicole Smith Show. We're [basically] watching a girl medicate herself and slowly die. It's really f---ng sick.

Wanda Sykes (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Best: Bowling for Columbine.
Worst: The Bachelor.

Jason Patric (Narc)
Best: I always gotta put Britney Spears up there for the best part. I find her entertaining... I don't know about her music.
Worst: Worst? I may not like certain things about the entertainment industry, but I don't whine about it.

Jamie Bell (Nicholas Nickleby)
Best: Eminem in 8 Mile.
Worst: Justin Timberlake at the Billboard Music Awards. He showed up with two nurses because he had a broken foot — and he goes on to say that Eminem is over the top?! He's a d---.

Nathan Lane (Nicholas Nickleby)
Best: Julianne Moore in Far From Heaven.
Worst: The Bachelor.