Claudia Jordan Claudia Jordan

The promos for Week 4 of Celebrity Apprentice touted the Dennis Rodman meltdown, but that was just the tip of the drama-berg. spoke to Deal or No Deal model Claudia Jordan, the latest casualty of The Donald, to get the dirt on her battle royale with Melissa Rivers and and her mouthy mommy. Why did you step up as project manager for this challenge?
Claudia Jordan: I felt some people on the team were sitting back under the radar and waiting, and I don't really like that. I wanted to let Donald know right away that I'm one who is going to take initiative and step up to the plate and not wait for someone else to tell me what to do. Something just told me it was time, and I'm not afraid of a challenge. Why do you think you lost even though you guys managed to pull your show together at the last minute?
Jordan: It was subjective. Another group of people could have thought we did a better job. It was like Brian McKnight or Joan Rivers making jokes about her gynecologist — which visual do you want to stay with longer? [Laughs] They liked it, and I think we did what we were supposed to do as far as creating some sort of emotional feel for the product. Plus, we were at a disadvantage going first. We warmed up the crowd and then the guys went. Do you think Melissa Rivers should have gone home instead?
Jordan: Well, I don't like to put blame on other people. I was project manager and could have been sterner with Melissa, but at the end of the day, I don't know if anyone could control her. If it was a real job, Melissa would have been fired, but we were forced to work together. The project manager often gets the blame. But there were certain people that refused to be told what to do, and she had her mommy with her as well — so it was going against two people. But Joan wasn't even there during all this.
Jordan: I know and I was like, "Really? You don't even know how bad your daughter was being." But I am proud I kept my cool with her. I did make my little comments off camera, but when it was in front of my team, I wasn't going to make a scene. It takes a lot of sense to bite your tongue when someone's that obnoxious. I don't hate her, her voice is just... I don't like spoiled brats. I feel like every sentence is "me" or "I" or "my mom." But Joan knows the deal — she knows her daughter is annoying. But at the end of the day, it's mother-daughter, you've got to stick up for your family. And besides your drama, Dennis Rodman had his share of contention when he got up in Clint Black's face.
Jordan: Yeah, I kept hearing from the others that Clint was nice on the outside but sneaky, so I was waiting for something to happen. But I didn't know Dennis had such a problem with him. I guess Dennis felt like he wasn't being utilized, but he also wasn't making it easy for his team either. He was a little baby-ish as well. Sometimes I asked myself, "Why are you here? It feels like you hate everyone, so why bother? You're rich already." But he was one of the people I was most excited to see on the show — he definitely makes the show interesting.

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