Barack Obama, Lady Gaga Barack Obama, Lady Gaga

The United States Senate voted to repeal the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy Saturday, effectively allowing gay men and lesbians in the military to be open about their sexual orientation, according to The New York Times.

The law, which was passed in 1993 under President Bill Clinton's administration, was criticized by many for discriminating against homosexual troops. The repeal, which passed the Senate by a 65-31 vote, fulfills President Barack Obama's promise to reverse the ban.

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"By ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' no longer will patriotic Americans be asked to live a lie in order to serve the country they love," the President tweeted late Saturday.

Many celebrities, ranging from Lady Gaga to Neil Patrick Harris, took to their Twitter accounts to celebrate the vote:

Lady Gaga: "Can't hold back the tears+pride. We did it!i Our voice was heard + today the Senate REPEALED DADT. A triumph for equality after 17 YEARS."

Neil Patrick Harris: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell REPEALED! So proud of Congress for making the right decision. Now all soldiers can serve with integrity. A great day."

Ellen DeGeneres: "Thank you Senators for pushing us one step closer towards full equality."

Ricky Martin: "One step closer to #equality!! #DADT is gone!Historical! #lgbt."

Audra McDonald: "Couldn't tweet my joy cuz kid was playing her piano recital but now I can...(Sing along) DING DONG DADT IS DEAD!!"

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson: "Stepping closer to Equality! Good Job America!!!! Don't Ask Don't Tell closer to being on the 'Remember-how-crazy-it-was-when...' list!"

Kathy Griffin: "You got it. How about...FINALLY! Equality IS coming! #DADT"

So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman: "Don't ask don't tell repealed!!! This a great Xmas!"

Cyndi Lauper: "Historic day. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repealed. It's about time. Step by step we're headed towards full equality. #DADT"

Watch What Happens: Live host Andy Cohen: "HOLY EQUALITY! Yes, Gays, there is a Santa Claus."

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush: "In the direction of practicing kindness, #DADT was finally repealed! Yay! One step closer to equality and recognition!! #AboutF@$&ingTime."