Cecily Strong Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong has spoken out for the first time since it was revealed that Michael Che will replace her on "Weekend Update" this season on Saturday Night Live.

"I don't see this as me leaving 'Update,' just as me being on 'Update' in a looser, goofier way that is a lot more fun for me and in a way I think I'm better at," Strong said in a lengthy Instagram post Saturday. "And now I get to do features with the very funny and wonderful Michael Che!"

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When creator Lorne Michaels revealed the shake-up Thursday, he explained that Strong had asked to be featured in more sketches and that the anchor change would make this possible.

"No point in being angry or sad for me for something I'm genuinely happy about!" Strong continued. "Unless you are just a person who enjoys being angry or sad. Then I guess play on, playa. Also, I danced too hard last night so now I am wearing a hot pad on my neck. Be angry and sad for me about my dumba-- neck."

What do you think of Strong's comments? Saturday Night Live's new season premieres on Sept. 27 at 11:35/10:35c on NBC.

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