CBS has confirmed its plan to join ABC and NBC in covering President Obama's upcoming prime-time news conference, and the ripple effect is far-reaching for the Eye's May sweeps plans.

For starters, a Rules of Engagement-New Adventures of Old Christine pairing originally slated for this Wednesday at 8pm/ET has been pushed to May 13.

As a result of CBS' small sitcom glut, Criminal Minds' two-hour season-ender has been pushed back an hour to May 20, starting at 9 pm (following the season finales of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried).

The CSI: NY season finale, originally scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, will now air — and this is where you need to pay attention, kids — on Thursday, May 14, at 10 pm, leading out of the original CSI's own finale.

CSI: NY's "unusual" finale slot also fills a gap created by Harper's Island just-announced move to Saturdays at 9, effective this week.