Kevin Ware Kevin Ware

Stay classy, CBS. No, seriously.

Instead of exploiting a gruesome injury, CBS did the honorable thing during Sunday's Duke vs. Louisville game: The network decided not to replay Kevin Ware breaking his leg over and over again, according to New York Daily News.

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Ware was injured after attempting to block a shot by Duke's Tyler Thornton, landing wrong on his leg, which buckled and broke beneath him. His injury was only shown twice and not in close-up before the network switched over to reaction shots from his teammates.

According to CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus, the network decided not to replay footage of the injury further because of its graphic nature. "We did not zoom in on the injury when he was taken off," McManus said. "We did not try to highlight it. I think we did the right thing."

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Do you agree with CBS' decision? Will you search for the injury online to watch it yourself?