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CBS is entering the reality dating game, but don't expect any Bachelor-type shenanigans.

The network announced Wednesday that it has ordered a new unscripted series called 3, about the journeys of three women to find true love.

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More docudrama than fantasy-dating setup of rival network ABC's The Bachelor, 3 will focus on three single women who are of different ages and stages in their lives. Their common goal, however, is to find love, and they will turn to each other for advice and emotional support throughout their search.

"3 is a relationship show that won't perpetuate a fairy tale myth about dating," Jennifer Bresnan, CBS's executive vice president of alternative programming said in a statement. "Without any typical game play, it intimately documents the search for love and the reality of dating — the anticipation, the excitement, the rejection. Along the way, we'll see personalities who are real, and flawed and simply human."

The series' format is based on an Israeli reality dating show that became the country's No.1 program last summer.

Casting is still underway on 3, which will air this summer.