Caterina Scorsone Caterina Scorsone

Private Practice's Caterina Scorsone and husband Rob Giles are expecting their first child, People reports.

"We're over the moon," Scorsone, 30, told the magazine. "I'm starting to show now. Everybody on set has been pretty sweet and is offering me fruit."

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Scorsone's pregnancy will be written into the ABC medical drama, when it is revealed in Thursday's episode that her character, Dr. Amelia Shepard, is also expecting. Scorsone said Private Practice executive producer Shonda Rhimes has been "unbelievably supportive" about the baby news.

"The news came out of left field and I think she decided she could use this for dramatic purposes," Scorsone said. "Shonda was immediately excited and talked about what we could do when the baby came so [he or she] could be on set."

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Giles is a member of the rock band The Rescues, which has been featured on both Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy.

Are you glad Amelia is having a baby on Private Practice? Will McDreamy make a good uncle?