Cassie Scerbo Cassie Scerbo

Playing snobby mean girl Amber Pollack in the ABC Family movie Teen Spirit was familiar territory for Make It or Break It star Cassie Scerbo.

"It's really fun to be a spicy character — it's never boring," Scerbo, who plays self-proclaimed "Queen of the Beam" Lauren Tanner on Make It or Break It, tells

Make It or Break It's Cassie Scerbo: Mean girl Lauren is "crying out for love"

There is, however, one big difference between Amber and Lauren: Amber is dead. The queen bee dies after a freak accident at prom. But in order for Amber to make it to heaven, an angel (Tim Gunn) says she must help Lisa (Lindsey Shaw), the most unpopular girl in school, become prom queen (as seen in the clip below).


As Amber helps Lisa become cool, Lisa also adopts many of Amber's awful qualities. "Amber stars to realize the way she's been acting her whole life isn't right and it took seeing it in someone else for her to make the change," Scerbo says.

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Unlike Amber, that transformation has yet to occur in Lauren on Make It or Break It, but Scerbo hopes Lauren will get to show her vulnerable side should the competitive gymnastics series get picked up for a third season. "They'll give her one episode to pour her heart out or to break down, but then they fade away," she says. "She's a fighter, so as much as I beg for that, I don't think they're going to give it to me."

Teen Spirit airs Sunday at 7/6c on ABC Family.