Casey Abrams Casey Abrams

For the second time in two weeks, American Idol's Casey Abrams has been hospitalized for stomach pain, and according to show sources, the problem is bleeding ulcers. "That poor guy's in a world of hurt," says one source.

After thrilling the judges with his rendition of Joe Cocker's "With A Little Help From My Friends" on Wednesday, Abrams was M.I.A. from last night's results show. According to sources, the talented 20-year-old musician and film camp counselor from Idyllwild, California, showed up for rehearsals at 9:30 Thursday morning. He was supposed to practice the Michael Jackson group number and, along with everyone else, learn how to use his new "In-Ear," a custom-made, molded earpiece that allows singers to hear themselves properly on stage. 

But immediately after arriving at the studio, says another source, Abrams "turned around and walked right back out." He was taken to an undisclosed emergency room.

Fox is not commenting on Abrams' illness beyond what Idol host Ryan Seacrest said during the results show. "You'll notice that Casey is missing from the group," said Seacrest. "He is unfortunately sick and in the hospital right now. Wave to him. We know you're watching, buddy.  Feel better. Shout out to the nurses. Get back here soon, okay?"

This is the second time that Abrams has missed out on an important part of the show. On February 24, he didn't attend the party for the Top 24 semi-finalists at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. At that time, Fox reps said that Abrams was having "stomach issues." 

But the verdict from the first results show should make him feel better: he was safe. The eliminated singer was Ashthon Jones.

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