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Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California USA, threatened to walk off the Larry King Live set when King turned the focus of their interview toward the settlement of her lawsuit with the pageant.

During the interview, King asked Prejean why, if the issue of religious discrimination is so important to her, did she settle her suit with the pageant. (In the suit, Prejean asserted that she was dismissed from serving as Miss California USA because of her statements about gay marriage and other hot-button issues.)

Prejean did not answer King's question, instead repeating several times that the details of the settlement are confidential and calling King "inappropriate."

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King finally dropped the topic and moved on to take a call from a viewer, who identified himself as a gay man and asked Prejean about her stance on same-sex marriage. At that point, Prejean whispered to someone off-camera, said she was going to leave and took off her mic.

After the commercial break, though, Prejean was miked up and ready to discuss Still Standing, her just-released account of her controversial and brief reign as Miss California USA.

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A call made to Prejean's rep was not immediately returned to

What do you think of Prejean's behavior? Was King out of line?