According to the New York Post, less than two days after she was busted for a DUI, Lindsay Lohan partied so hard yesterday that she collapsed outside a Hollywood club. How out of it was she? By the time gal pal Samantha Ronson got the actress into her SUV, she couldn't even be alerted to the paparazzi having a field day with the photo op.

Today, the actress is expected to check herself into Britney Spears' old stomping ground, Promises rehab facility. Her father, Michael, has also said that he plans to ask his parole officer for permission to leave New York to talk some sense into his little angel out west.

Update: LiLo has indeed entered a treatment center, says This is the starlet's second rehab stint this year. In January, she spent some time in West Hollywood's Wonderland Center, but as anticipated, this time she (and her handlers) have opted for a less wonderful option: the hardcore Promises facility. A source says that Lohan's friends and family "are all praying for her." The tabloids, meanwhile, are praying she makes a deal with the same devil plaguing Britney.