Candice Accola Candice Accola

The Vampire Diaries' Caroline Forbes is blonde, beautiful and a hoot to watch as she navigates through teen life as a newly turned bloodsucker. Candice Accola, who plays the undead beauty queen, explains it all for us. 

TV Guide Magazine: Why is Caroline more likable as a vampire?
Accola: Caroline started out as a narcissistic, queen-bee bitch. What's so much fun is that in vampire form, she's trying to figure it all out. If she gives in to her own selfish needs as a vampire, people die.

TV Guide Magazine: Sort of a vamp coming-of-age story?
Accola: [Laughs] She's grown up a lot since she's been undead. It's exciting to hear girls say, "I love that Caroline's kicking butt now!"

TV Guide Magazine: What's the hottest thing about playing a vampire?
Accola: There are no restraints. It's all about the insatiable hunger — whether [it be] for blood, revenge or sex.

TV Guide Magazine: It's given Caroline more confidence.
Accola: She has a new edge — more sass. Before, it was "You can look, but you can't touch. Though maybe...." Now, it's "You can look, but if you touch, I'm gonna kick your ass!"TV Guide
Magazine: Why do you think
Vampire rocks the ratings?
Accola: It's sexy and romantic, dark and edgy, but it can also be funny. And it's relatable to kids who have trouble talking to their moms or who are in a relationship that's being torn apart.

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